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Angel Chrystian Torres Guzmán

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I've been creating Web Applications since 1998 and worked extensively with ColdFusion, SQL and JavaScript, experienced solving business problems of all levels of complexity with a strong analytic mindset.

I like to challenge my creativity as a Full Stack Developer meaning that I can take a concept and turn it into a finished efficient product, this involves Software Architecture, documentation, automated testing, Front-End development with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and JQuery, also some image editing with Adobe Fireworks or Photoshop and Illustrator.

Trends on Information Technologies and Software Development are constantly changing and evolving, these days the use of frameworks is very helpful for team work, easier and less expensive maintenance and separation of concerns implementing Design Patterns as MVC (Model-View-Controller) where the Business Logic (Model) and the Presentation of the data (View) are implemented separately and linked by the Controller; a very useful tool to achieve this in ColdFusion is the Coldbox framework and in PHP Laravel.

I've worked for big and small companies, government, education, commerce and personal projects as well, so if you have a project in mind do not hesitate an contact me to talk about your ideas.

About this blog

This blog is a platform to share my experiences and tips that I consider important to remember when solving problems during the development of the projects I work on, I will be posting some tutorials and videos covering different aspects in the Software Development and Architecture.